Water Well Installation

Water well installation stagesWater Well installation is a step by step process, which is done stage-wise. From the initial to the final stage, we aid our clients with quality water well installations.

Water well installation stages

Stage 0: Water well Consultation

Even before you plan to build your house, you need to check for a proper water source that meets your construction and daily usages. We’re here to help you decide if you’re actually in need of a water well and if yes, we will guide you through each stage of water well construction (Development and Servicing).

Stage 1: Permits and regulatory duties

Once we mutually end up with a water well development choice, we need to duly seek permits from the local governmental bodies and adhere to the county, state, and federal laws and regulations pertaining to individual water well. As we have been servicing Mobile, AL efficiently, we’re now an expert in Mobile laws and permit procedures. We made it easier and faster for you!

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Stage 2: Location fixing

We proactively visit your ground or property and help you fix the right spot for drilling the water well. Trust us; we know geography better than you!

Stage 3: Actual well installation or Drilling

This stage involves drilling the water well and setting the surrounding for the well installation. At Mobile Water Well Drillers,AL, we use the latest drilling equipment and tools that bore through your earthy grounds with rocks.

Stage 4: Casing and Screening

Casing and screening become the most important component installation in water well after the drilling process completion. Plastic or steel casing is inserted to protect your newly bored water well. To prevent water contamination from sedimentation issues, the walls of the water well (bored hole) are screened.

Stage 5: Grouting

After the casing and the screening process, comes the gravel filling process, wherein gravel or grout fills the space between the water well walls and the casing component.

Stage 6: Well Cleaning

Cleaning the dirt or the dust from the drilling process is our responsibility. We handle both air and water blasts for clients based on their needs and water well conditions.

Stage 7: Water from the well – Demo

If you like our services and are still interested in offering us the opportunity to take care of the pumping system and pressure tank installations, we’re glad to do it for you!  

We have experience in installing versatile well types. Which one do you choose?

– Domestic Wells

– Irrigation Wells

– Commercial/Industrial Wells

– Livestock Wells

– Dewatering Wells

– Municipal Wells

– Relief Wells

– Duck Flood Wells