Well Pump Services

All set with your drilled wellAll set with your drilled well? Looking to establish a well pumping system and pump services? We’re proficient and artisanal pump experts who can give you the best pump system and pump services.

The most paramount element that helps bring the water from the drilled well to the surface is the casing. Who else in the state can do better and quality casing than us? We ensure superior casing to the drilled wells with a strong understanding of the geography of the earth formations surrounding the drilled well.

One-stop-shop pump services

  1. Various pumping systems that cater to each of your needs: The type of pumping system depends on the water source and the amount of water required for use.
  2. The single piping system is majorly used for shallow drilled wells that do not exceed a depth of 25 feet and is housed outside the well. This system is also called the centrifugal pumping system.

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  1. Ground-level jet pumps are used for shallow wells and have a pre-installed jet device built-in to the pumping system.
  2. For both shallow and deep drilled wells, the submersible pump is efficient and suits both types of wells of larger water volume.
  3. Deep-well jet pumps are installed below the water level in the drilled well and use two pipes: suction pipe and reverse water pipe. This type of pumping system suits well of about 50 feet in depth.
  4. Customized storage tanks:
  5. Solar pumping systems are evolving. We will keep your water well equipped with solar-based pumping systems and storage tanks.
  6. The two major storage tank types include standard pressure water well system and constant pressure water well system.
  7. Supply pump materials and accessories: Includes Pumps, Control boxes, Pressure tanks, Motors, PVC and steel pipes, Booster pumps, and other fittings.
  8. Pump repairing and fixing: If your pumping system has any leakage or damaged fitting, give us a call. We will repair your damaged system and leave behind a good-working pumping system. Some of the bottlenecks that we can address with our expertise are:
  9. Water leakage
  10. Water pump wiring issues
  11. Burned connections
  12. Broken or damaged valves
  13. Frozen tanks
  14. No water supply in your taps
  15. Choked pump filters
  16. Change in the water pressure & control
  17. Change in the pump pressure & control
  18. Continuous noise from the pump system
  19. Air loss in the tank